23 November 2015

New Cadbury Amaze Bites - Brownies (Ocado) [By @Cinabar]

Marketing is a funny thing. I recently went on the York Chocolate Story tour during which they talked about the history of chocolate right from the Aztecs through to modern day brands. The branding bit caught my attention, and one thing in particular was that one chocolate supplier started off by trying to sell chocolate drops covered in a coloured shell as Chocolate Beans. They did okay, but weren't a big seller. They thought about their marketing and rebranded them as Smarties and behold a product that went on to stand the test of time.
Why all the history? Well let's face facts these Amaze Bites stand out because of the product name and packaging. If they had been sold as Chocolate Brownie Pieces, they just wouldn't have caught my attention in the way they did. Write on the tub OMG and and brand them with a up to the minute name and suddenly you have my attention. Yes I know what that says about me, but clearly it's everyone else too!

Inside the Amaz Bites tub I was quite pleased to see that it looked quite full, and that the pieces of chocolate brownie looked a nice size, kind of a two bite thing. They are pretty amazing and do indeed live up to their name. The brownies are soft but quite dense, they feel moist too. The biggest thing is that they are so very chocolatey, they are rich and full of flavour. A complete chocolate fix in a couple of bites. The chocolate coating adds to this and mixes up the texture just a little. I have to say a couple of these in an afternoon with a cup of coffee is the perfect treat, but they would also be good for sharing with friends or in offices as the Christmas season approaches. These might be something I wouldn't have picked up if it hadn't been for the branding, but now I've tried them they are certainly something I'll be buying again.
By Cinabar

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