21 March 2017

Aunt Bessie's Knickerbocker Glories (Morrisons) By @Cinabar

You know that feeling when you buy something online and it doesn't quite match up to its picture... well that is sort of what happened here for me. I spotted on the Morrisons website that Aunt Bessie had brought out a new Knickerbocker Glory dessert. Aunt Bessie’s aren't particularly a make known for being low fat, in fact I associate them with good food that is a bit of a treat. Think goose fat covered roast potatoes, and even huge apple pies. With this knowledge, and not looking at the online listing of a photo of a box shot for more than a second, I had made a series of subconscious assumptions. This meant that I was planning at the back of my head how to rearrange the top drawer of the freezer in order to fit in huge ice cream based goodies, and trying to work out where the extra long spoons were. When the delivery man came, he dropped off a small box with two equally small mini desserts in it. Such a disappointment. A Knickerbocker Glory is a dessert consisting of cream, ice cream, fruit and sauces, served in a long tall glass - basically it is the sundae of all sundaes, this however was not. It was in a very short pot, with not a lot of room to pack many goodies in at all. There was no glory in this Knickerbocker Glory.
Quite why Aunt Bessie has ventured into the world of portion controlled desserts is beyond me, there are lots of low calorie / low fat options available, I think an occasional indulgence should be allowed.
Disappointment number two came when it was time to tuck into the Knickerbocker Glories, and I went to get them out of the freezer, to eat straight away and it said to defrost them for 20-30minutes. I’m not patient either, and I just assumed an ice cream based dessert would be ready to eat. Oh well. When we did finally get to them they were pleasant enough. The flavours were quite muted, with lots of vanilla. The topping was like that in a cheesecake, so even this seemed to have been made with health in mind. The fruity sections were nice and the taste of peaches and pears were a good edition.
I’m just not sure what market this is going for, I’m not sure that those shopping for calorie controlled portions would give them a second glance, and those of us after a proper Knickerbocker Glory won’t be sufficed either.

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Anonymous said...

That's no Knickerbocker. I'd have expected something tall, multilayered and fun. I feel your disappointment.