11 March 2017

Farmer Ray’s Ale (Cosford Food Show) By @SpectreUK

I picked up this Farmer Ray's Ale at the Cosford Food Show some months ago. Corvedale Brewery produced it just down the road at the Sun Inn between Ludlow and Much Wenlock, in Shropshire. This dark brown 4.5% volume ale was made from locally farmed hops by Ray Morris, hence the ale's name, and British Malting Barley. On opening there was a very fruity smell from the mixture of hops, such as pear, banana and pineapple, which made me worry slightly on the taste, as I can't stand banana in beer. I do, however, love pineapple on cheese sticks, on pizza and especially on top of a good large piece of gammon. Anyway, unsure I'd like the taste of pineapple and banana in beer, I tried to tell my brain that it was the hops playing tricks on my nose. There was a sharp bitterness on first taste, followed by strong fruitiness from the hops that fortunately didn't taste of banana or pineapple, and mixed well with the sweetness and roasted flavours from the malted barley into the aftertaste. This is a fresh crisp summer ale and certainly not just for farmers. Cheers!

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