2 March 2017

Mallow and Marsh - Raspberry Marshmallow Bar (@NLi10)

Sometimes the snacks you buy are not what you expect.  Take this Mallow And Marsh Raspberry Marshmallow bar - I'd expected this to essentially be like the Rice Crispy Marshmallow squares, but a bit more luxurious.  I thought it'd be a nice simple, if a little dull, review of something that I ate one Sunday afternoon while watching the TV.  It isn't.

This has none of the cereal or stickiness though and is something a little more special.

The wrapper is very grown up for a start, it looks like health food but it says that under 150 calories is a good thing when all portion food tends to aim for 100.  But we can forgive that - anyone expecting a healthy marshmallow snack is clearly conflicted.

Surprisingly though it's not all sugar - it's 34% Dark Chocolate - which is where the magic starts.  

Most people agree that the pink marshmallows in the bag are the best ones, and this is basically a giant one but with raspberry powder inside and dark, dark chocolate on the outside to contrast.  

And it's gorgeous. 

Usually I leave a bit in the pack to remind me what it was like when typing up the review - it's all gone.  If i'd bought a second to share (as I often do) that would have gone too.  If you were to put this on a plate and serve it with ice-cream people would genuinely think this was a pudding. 

Yes - it's totally not vegetarian, and it's probably about as nutritious as just eating the 17g of sugar that it contains, but it's a little bit indulgent and a totally worthy treat.  I'm not in a Sainsbury's very often but these are worth the detour (they are by the tills).  They do other non-pink flavours too. Hopefully they are on bulk buy special offer soon.

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Anonymous said...

If you're passing by a UK Starbucks, have a quick look at their till area - They're stocking both the Raspberry and the Vanilla variants! Totally gorgeous marshmallowyness. :)