18 March 2017

Maritime Salted Caramel Porter (Marks and Spencer’s) By @SpectreUK

This is a pretty posh sounding beer from Marks and Spencer's. The Meantime Brewing Company brewed Maritime Salted Caramel Porter in Greenwich, London. The sea theme on the label compliments the name of the beer, and of course location of the brewery nearby the London Maritime Museum. Cinabar and I visited there some year's back and also the Cutty Sark, and had a very good time indeed, so I'd recommend it.

Anyway, seven malts and hops were added in the brewing of this 5.5% dark brown porter using a recipe that dates back to 1750. A Belgian twist was then added in the form of salted caramel. I've had caramel in some form or other in beer before, but not salted as far as I can remember. There was a heady chocolate malt smell on opening the 330ml bottle, with a hint of caramel and citrusy hops, and the lightest intimation of salt on really giving the full glass a good deep sniff. You find yourself sniffing all sorts of open bags and bottles when you're a blogger!

In fact the malted chocolate flavour was in the initial taste. There was also a hint of coffee next to the initial chocolate malt flavour. Then the citrus bitterness of the hops kicked in, although quickly giving way to a sweet yet salty caramel flavour. This porter certainly has a complex journey of flavours from malted chocolate and undertones of coffee to sweet and salty caramel finish, and it is very nice indeed. The label recommends some caramel brownie type pudding or other to enjoy this beer with. I'd recommend you drink it on it's own or with a good milk chocolate caramel bar, of which I may go and hunt out from my snacking corner now…

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