17 March 2017

Cadbury Mint Oreo Dairy Milk (Sainsburys) By @Cinabar

This is one of two new Dairy Milk editions, and I have to admit it was hard to choose which one to open first. Both new bars from Cadbury are Oreo themed, there is this one which is flavoured with Mint Oreo biscuits, and another based on Peanut Butter Oreos. I am a big fan of both mint and peanut butter, but tonight I felt like that I was more in the mood for something minty, so the other bar will have to wait (but not too long).
When I opened the wrapper I was surprised by just how strong the mint smell was, it was wonderfully aromatic and appealing. The bar itself looked from the ooutside like a regular Cadbury Dairy Milk bar, with no obvious clue to it's filling. Once I had broken a pieces off I soon saw the minty green filling inside, and the pieces of dark Oreo biscuits. Even visually I could spot that there was a high ratio of minty green stuff to cookie pieces.

The Mint Oreo Dairy Milk was indeed very minty in flavour. It had a good peppermint taste, it was quite strong and very refreshing. The bar was quite sweet too, and the mint and chocolate flavours worked well together. There was a lovely mix of textures from the soft mint stuff filling, to the crunchy biscuit and firmer chocolate. The bars definitely had more mint taste than Oreo, the biscuit flavour is a bit lost, but the crunch from it combined with the strong mint flavour is still a fab combination. I like mint and chocolate and as this had plenty of mint, and lovely textures I found it a delight. Can’t wait to try the Cadbury Peanut Butter Dairy Milk next.

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