9 March 2017

Mr Kon - Plum Juice flavoured with Liquourice

We already know that Mr Kon makes amazing iced tea (presumably in person in his own kitchen) but what of the other, scarier imported drinks. This one has always put me off as it's worryingly close to prune juice. 

Essentially it's a plum juice drink but is mostly water and sugar so it must be reasonably safe right?

There is some Liquorice in here too, presumably to make the flavour a little deeper. It's not overpowering though, and what we end up with is a fairly refreshing plum-ish drink. It's got a lot of sweetness and general fruitiness and it's pretty sharp too. Surprisingly I'd buy this again, but unfortunately it's always going to be next to my favourite tea and the lovely aloevera drinks in the Oriental fridge so maybe not every time.

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