26 March 2017

Ooh! Sweetie. Zingy Lemon Fizz (by @NLi10)

While in Lichfield I spotted these pre-packaged boiled sweets in the Oxfam shop. I took them with me to Digital Dragon Games and popped them on their scenery for some photos.

The sweets are folded layers of lemon sweets, sherbet and possibly a few other things all lovingly parcelled into little lemony explosions. 

And they are pretty good, they start off fairly tame and then go through peaks and troughs of flavour so you don't forget they are there. My only issue is that I wouldn't want to keep eating them one after the other. One of the great strengths of Fruit Polos was the joy of having a berry one followed by a citrus one and so on, the complimentary flavours mingling playfully. 

While the range includes all kinds of jazzy flavours this box only has one. 


These were in the sale when I picked them up fro 99p which was a steal.  At the usual price of £2.40 I think I'd have to be a bit more selective - but I'd absolutely love a £5 jar with a mix of flavours for my office. In fact I've already had requests to pop back and see if they have any left at the bargain price.

A lovely, well branded idea which is interesting and something that certainly makes me want to find other things by the Ooh! Team.

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