30 March 2017

Squirrel Sisters Raw Energy Bar (by @NLi10)

Garden centres are great for odd snack foods. They tend to have a few cheaper things targeted at the casual browser, and some decent present grade foods too. Today we have some Squirrel Sisters Raw Energy Bars that I picked up from Webbs last weekend. I grabbed these thinking they were pre-packaged brownies, but they are much fruitier than that as you will see.

First up we have the Cacao Brownie variety, which is what set me along the wrong path originally. You get two sticks at 82 calories a stick, which seems pretty hefty, but despite the friendly packaging and branding I think these ware intended for when you are out and about trekking or geocaching or similar.

They come in a pleasing little tray which means they are well protected and exactly as intended. Smart.

Because we like to share I chopped it up into 10 bite size chunks and shared them out. While not really being Brownie like at all it was certainly very pleasing and people were happy to help finish these. Only dissapointing if you wanted to eat chocolate brownie, if I'd gone in expecting a raw cacao fruit slice I'd have probably been more impressed. This has a lovely bite variety with nuts and fruit varying throughout. And the addition of currants didn't overpower the flavour which was good.

The raspberry ripple version confusingly was only 2% raspberry, but it was certainly the dominant flavour.  This was similarly chopped and shared.

General consensus was that this was the more interesting of the two, with he sweetness and fruitiness being just that bit more prominent. Again the texture was very varied and you didn't finish eating for a while after that bite.  Having shared them out I'm not sure just how filling these would be, but the four chunks I had were enough to keep me satisfied.

At £2.50 a pack these were not cheap, but as an occasional treat, or reward for suffering the trauma of the garden centre I think they can be justified.

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