28 March 2017

Space Oats Porridge @QuakerOatsUK By @Cinabar

Recently the lovely folk from Quaker Oats sent us some porridge to try. I have to admit it came at a particularly bad time in the Foodstuff Finds household and for one reason or another got a little over looked. Things have settled down here now and we finally got a moment to explore the goodies inside the hamper. These aren’t just any oats, these are space oats!
In honour of the fact that Buzz Aldrin enjoyed a bowl of oats on the morning he walked on the moon, Quaker Oats sent some of their porridge oats into space!
The sachet of porridge is the regular porridge apart from this respect. I decided to have myself a hearty breakfast and make myself a bowl of it. I really liked the fact that you can use the plastic sachet inside the sleeve to measure the milk in, there is a fill line, that means you don’t have to have the necessity of a measuring jug, which is handy if you are using the work microwave.
I’d forgotten how much I enjoy a bowl of Oats. The measure of milk was spot on for the texture, and I didn’t need to adjust it in any way. The porridge was creamy and satisfying, and I added a little jam just to give it an extra special feel. I was surprised to find that for the first time in ages I had made it to midday without being hungry. Usually at around 11.30am in our office the subject turns to what everybody is having for lunch, and we all wish away the last half an hour until our lunch break talking about food.
Big thanks to Quaker Oats for sending us the lovely samples of Space Oats, my morning was out of this world. ;-)

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