19 December 2008

Gewürz Spekulatius [Spice Spectacular Biscuits] (German Market - Birmingham)

I have barely done the German market this year, (mainly as I used to have a job that allowed easy access to the city centre, and now I work much closer to home). Spectre did bring these biscuits back for me, so that I’m not missing out completely.

These are what I would describe as biscuits for dunking. They are a hard biscuit and taste of Christmas spices such as ginger and cinnamon. Very tasty, and the bag is jam packed with loads of biccies. They are perfect for sharing over tea or coffee this Christmas.

I’m not sure they are actually an official Christmas biscuit though… the designs on them range from what looks like a goose, through to an elephant? I have no idea what the significance of these images are, can anyone shed some light on them?


Anonymous said...

Interessanter Beitrag

cinabar said...

Danke schön! ;-)