21 December 2008

Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Crème (Corner Shop)

Hershey’s isn’t one of my favourite chocolates; I always think the chocolate has a sour edge that doesn’t live up to my sweetness expectations. I have seen this bar a few times and always dismissed it because of the make. However Spectre and I popped into the local shop to pick up a bar of choccie to eat in the car. I spent ages choosing, and Spectre asked what the problem was, and I retorted that I couldn’t see anything new or different. He picked up this Hershey’s bar and asked if I’d every tried it before I said no, and before I had chance to comment it was paid for and in the bag…

I am very glad he did choose it too… it is absolutely gorgeous. No hint of sour, just creamy sweet white chocolate and mini bits of dark (Oreo style) biscuit to add texture and to complement the taste. The strong cocoa in the biscuit bits just work so well with the sweet creamy white chocolate. It is really, very nice. Even non Hershey fans will find it hard to resist.

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