17 December 2008

Stir It Up… Dark Chocolate Mint Stirrers (Marks and Spencer)

I wrote recently about chocolate stirrers for hot chocolate and that now winter is here they are readily available again. The idea being that you stir an extra chunk of chocolate in your cocoa to make it extra nice.

Anyway, last year Hotel Chocolat stocked flavoured chocolate stirrers, for example their yummy praline flavoured sticks. This year I have searched high and low for any sort of flavoured stirrers, and had just about given up. Many places stock milk or plain chocolate ones, but anything more exciting than that seems near impossible to find.

So when I did finally discover that Marks and Spencers stock dark chocolate mint stirrers, I felt obliged to let you all know. Heavenly they are too, adding a good shot of mint, and really jazzing up the most basic of hot chocolate drinks.

On the packaging it states “Perfect for After Dinner Coffee”. Just as a side comment, I have tried these as it suggests in coffee, and although it does add good flavour, they don’t dissolve as well as they do in Hot Chocolate. Perhaps they would work best in a milk based coffee such as a latte, in my water based coffee I found chocolate mint sludge at the bottom of my mug!


Katie said...

I *love* the hotel chocolate ones. They have just opened a new store in Leeds. These look cool, I love mint. I think an orange one would be good too... like mini chocolate oranges on little sticks or Lindor ones mummmmm(Sorry getting distracted now)

cinabar said...

I see what you mean now about the Lindor ones... oh, peanut butter flavour Lindor on a stick.. would that work??? mmmmmm