14 December 2008

Treo Cocoa [Brown] -7 Days (Home Bargains)

How can two different chocolate bars have the same name? How can there not be some identifier in the title? You know like ‘Mars Dark’ or ‘Maltesers White’ or ‘KitKat Caramac’ mmmm… (I may have distracted myself a little).

So this is the sister bar of the Treo I review yesterday, and yes it does have the same name. Note the packaging is different, but the name is the same!

The bar is different to the “Blue” as it is covered in delicious chocolate, but it still has the same wafer and cocoa spread inside. I found yesterdays bar a little dry, but it is amazing how much difference the chocolate coating makes. This bar just melts in the mouth. I can’t really explain why there is such a contrast when the bars are so similar, but there is, and this is the superior bar!

“I want a Trio and I want one now!”

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