16 December 2008

Mr Porky - Pork Crunch (BP Garage)

Pork Scratchings seem to be a much underestimated snack, they just don’t seem to be very 'in' at the minute, which is such a shame. This claims to be pork rind, I’m not sure of the exact definition of pork scratchings, but to me this product meets that same description.

It’s hard to describe these as they are; light, yet solid; crunchy, but they melt in your mouth. I guess it is because they are aerated with bubbles.

I may not be sure of the science but the texture is spot on. The flavour too is lovely, meaty, nicely seasoned and not overly salty. They are a very nice snack and worth giving a try.


Katie said...

Classic snack. Probably going out of fashion due to the fact that they are just deep fried pig skin!

cinabar said...

mmmm... deep fried pig skin... mmmm