31 December 2008

Original Chocolat Suisse Absinthe Surfin [Swiss Chocolate, Very Fine] (Switzerland)

Ok, I’ll admit I had quite a few interesting chocolate bars brought back from Switzerland for me for this Christmas, not just the Lindt Zimt & Koriander [Cinnamon and Coriander Seed] one I reviewed earlier.

This one is a dark chocolate with an Absinthe(!) filling. The bar has little sweetness; it is dark chocolate with a (very) strong bitter alcohol flavour. The liquor flavour mixed with the chocolate makes for an almost nutty taste. The alcohol had crystallised with the chocolate giving that light crunch synonymous with liquor chocolates. This chocolate is perhaps too strong for scoffing, but really good to share and well worth tasting!

Expect a few more Swiss bars in the near future!


Katie said...


Anonymous said...

I'd certainly love this one :)

Quite partial to the green destructive liquid!

cinabar said...

It had a burn!!!! :-D