1 December 2008

Monster Munch vs Monster Munch – Roast Beef

 Monster Munch – Roast Beef

Well, it’s the review we’ve all been waiting for Monster Munch Roast Beef, for we all know the original Roast Beef Monster Munch was amazing!!!

As per the previous reviews of the Flaming Hot and Pickled Onion Monster Munch, Spectre was hired to complete intensive testing of the two available Roast Beef Monster Munch flavours. The old style larger version which was to be called: ‘Retro’, and the more modern smaller version referred to as: ‘Small’.

Small chunks of both varieties were tested in a blind tasting experiment by Spectre, and we patiently waited his verdict…Spectre spoke, and declared the Small to have the better flavour.

As I allowed the shock to pass over me, I tasted both flavours myself and felt that Retro had the better flavour, no comparison, and the better crunch too.

We discussed the issue at length, and then I remembered that it is MY blog, so I fired him (his taste buds were obviously broken at the time of the test), and hereby declared Retro to be the official winner.

Have you tried both Roast Beef flavours yet? Let me know what you opinions are on all the new / old Monster Munch varieties.

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