30 November 2008

Antibassi Giandujotto and Baci (Café Nero)

I have a confession, whenever I go into Café Nero to have a coffee I almost instinctively pick up one of these praline chocolates to go with it.

Antibassi Giandujotto
Apparently they are called Antibassi Giandujotto, I have eaten them on numerous occasions, but had never taken the time to look at the name before. (Perhaps I had, it isn’t exactly easy to remember!) It’s a milk chocolate with a yummy praline filling, and I think it goes very well the coffee.

However when I was in Café Nero today, something new caught my eye, a small box with two choccies in it called Baci.

Antibassi  Baci
Take a hazelnut, wrap it in praline speckled with small bits of hazelnut, and add a coat of milk chocolate. Heaven, I do hope these aren’t just a seasonal treat and that they are here to stay!


NLi10 said...

'baci' are a popular Italian sweet and can be found in quite a few places. They are known for the little fortunes that wrap the sweet. The name is a shortening of the Italian word for kiss.

Stephanie said...

oooooooh my god, these are the most delicious things ever. mi piace baci dolci! they make it in a chocolate bar form too, mmmm. when i was in italy over the summer for school, they even have it in the form of a McFlurry milkshake at McDonalds - haha!

cinabar said...

That McFlurry is worthy of a trip to Italy for!!! :-D

NLi10 - I must have missed the fortune, will double check next time I'm in!

Anonymous said...

Where can I buy these chocolates from?!

cinabar said...

Branches of Cafe Nero always have them individually near the till. I think Selfridges sell the gift boxes.