11 November 2008

Mancus Gelati Chocolate Sorbet (Makro)

Mancus Gelati Chocolate Sorbet
It takes a second to fully accept what this product is about. It’s located in the ice cream section, and it’s in a regular enough looking ice cream tub, but it’s not ice cream, it’s chocolate sorbet.
In fact it’s not like ice cream at all, it’s not even soft and creamy, but it is good! It has a very strong sweet cocoa flavour, rather like you would imagine an intense drink of the perfect instant hot chocolate might be. I suspect if you melted it down, the chocolate liquid would not be opaque but instead it would be clear.
With its wonderful chocolate flavour, it also benefits as it is a sorbet and therefore it is a lot lower in fat than an ice cream. Bizarre, but wonderful.

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