8 November 2008

Wonka Bar (Selfridges)

Wonka Bar
This is an American chocolate bar from Selfridges food hall. The bar is a reference to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, and I was kind of hoping I could win a golden ticket of some sort!
The bar itself is described as containing Grahams Crackers, but I have no idea what those are. (It is either a reference to the film that I’ve missed or it's some sort of product available in America?)

I was impressed by the design on the top of the bar when I opened it, it makes it much more worthy of being a stocking filler. The chocolate has a really nice taste with a good hint of cocoa. Graham's crackers in this context seem to be chunks of crunchy caramel flavoured biscuit. There are quite a few biscuit pieces and they go really nice with the chocolate. A tasty bar, well worth a try!


Anonymous said...

Graeme crackers are a bit like a morning coffee or digestive biscuit.

cinabar said...

Oh I see, we don't get those over here :-(