5 November 2008

Baker St Chocolate Filled Pancakes (Waitrose)

Baker St Chocolate Filled Pancakes

These caught my eye as they seemed a little bit different. The definition of pancake seems to mean different things to different people, and these are not the pancakes I would associate with pancake day, these are more like scotch pancakes. In fact they are like two scotch pancakes stuck together and filled with chocolate spread. (Genius!) They can be eaten hot or cold, but I opted for hot as they only take seconds in the microwave. The pancake was soft and moist and the filling was a rich dark chocolate and nut spread. Really nice, and a perfect chocolate fix.

Serving suggestion: two heated up and served with melting vanilla ice cream mmmmmm


Anonymous said...

I loved these! I don't seem to be able to find these anymore but i loved them with a little cinnamon and custard...yum yum yum!

cinabar said...

Cinnamon and custard sound like a lovely addition. I will check in my local Waitrose and see if they are still stocking these. Come to think of it, don't think I've seen them recently.