13 November 2008

ARO - Kasekuchen [German Cheesecake] (Makro)

ARO - Kasekuchen [German Cheesecake]
German style cheesecake is one of my favourite things in the entire world. It is a baked cheesecake, and very different from traditional English cheesecake. I even try to bake it myself! I’m not a great cook, but frankly I have never found it for sale before in the UK, so I was rather excited to find this.

This is a perfect example of a German baked cheese cake. The consistency is firmer than English cheesecake but still soft and slightly spongy. The flavour is heavenly, sweet, but not too sweet or sickly, the cheese is more noticeable, and adds balance. The cake melts in the mouth, and is an essential re-purchase!

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cinabar said...

Very nice, worth searching out.