6 November 2008

Revels (Sainsbury's)

Revels Mystery Sweet

I have heard a lot about the new Revel, and the eviction of the most unpopular flavour, but I have only just found the new packets. There was an online poll to decide on the worst Revel, and I was sure that it would be raisin or toffee. (Surely?) Instead we are saying goodbye to coffee, my favourite. But, before I start on the petition to reinstate coffee, the letter to MPs etc. I feel it my duty to at least try the replacement.
I honestly can't decide whether or not to reveal what the new flavour is. There are places on the internet where it has been mentioned, but the company certainly want to keep it a secret, and it is kind of fun not knowing. So, all I shall say is that it is nice enough but perhaps a little artificial tasting. And... bring back coffee already!!!!!

1 comment:

Katie said...

I had the new revels today and was distinctly unimpressed. I want peanut back!