3 November 2008

Muller Vitality (Sainsbury's)

Muller Vitality
It’s been a long time since I last tried one of the yoghurt drinks filled with friendly bacteria. The last time it was a free sample of Yakult, and I really didn’t like the flavour. So much so, I avoided them from then on!
However recently I had the opportunity to try Mullers raspberry version. I was really surprised by just how nice it was. I was expecting a bitter after taste, but all there was, was a sweet fruity creamy yoghurt goodness. I’m not sure how much they aid digestion, but I can assure you they taste lovely.

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Katie said...

actimel always taste nice to me, and they are supposed to have the best bacteria in them. I think they do make a difference if you have them every day, esp if your run down, if you have a cold or are on antibiotics.