10 November 2008

Compal Essential Pear Fruit Shot (Waitrose)

Compal Essential Pear Fruit Shot

This is a small drink, which is the equivalent of eating one pear. I guess it is fruit for people who don't like eating fruit! Its small size means it would easily fit into a lunch box.
Ok, taste wise it is very nice, as it is just a mini pear smoothie. I did like the idea of a smoothie with just one type of fruit as it was very refreshing and sweet, and it had a nice distinct pure flavour. I understand the idea that it is like having a pear (or other piece of fruit as there are many flavours) in your lunch box. But, as the drink is so little could they not double the size of it and give me two of my five-a-day?

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Unknown said...

In Portugal, where this product comes from, tere are already double size... let's see if they will also come to the UK.