1 November 2008

Terry's Chocolate Orange White (Woolworths)

Well I wasn't impressed by Chocolate Orange Nut, but an addition of white chocolate to the range is very appealing. It is packaged very sweetly, and is labelled as being a Snowball. Christmas is about eight weeks away, and we've had the first snow of the season... So it seems appropriate to talk about this find.
The chocolate is the usual good quality you would expect from Terry's, creamy and with a defined white chocolate flavour. The distinct orange flavour compliments it very well, and makes for a very nice product. I think it should be available all year round really!

Let me just add this to my table of flavour formulas:

White Chocolate + Orange = A good thing


  1. I have had a 'snowball' in previous years and enjoyed them. White choc and orange is indeed a good thing.

  2. The white chocolate one is lovely, have you tried the nut flavoured one?

  3. I simply must try to find this one in the states. Yum!!

  4. As a child, my good lady wife saw fit to eat her dad's chocolate orange without asking. Wracked with guilt and mild panic, she replaced the chocolate with an orange foil wrapped apple, in the hope that dad wouldn't notice.

    How disappointed would you be to open up a chocolate orange only to find an apple???


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