14 November 2008

ARO – Kirsch-Pudding-Kuchen [Cherry Pudding Cake] (Makro)

ARO – Kirsch-Pudding-Kuchen [Cherry Pudding Cake]

Well, when I found the German cheesecake, I also found this and felt obliged to purchase it too! (It’s not snacking, it’s research!) This cake consists of cherries in a baked-custard, sprinkled with sugar crystals.

The custard filling is sweet, but the cherries are slightly sour and the two flavours mingle together perfectly on the taste buds. The sugar crystals add a little crunch, which is a nice touch to the texture.
I really enjoyed this cake and the way it mixes both sweet and sour. However, I took both this and the cheesecake into work, and people at work rated both and the cheesecake won out!

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