25 November 2008

Disco Biscuits

These come in boxes of six, consisting of individually wrapped biscuit bars. The biscuit bases are coated in chewy caramel, with a layer of chocolate, and a few smarties style sweets on top! The biscuits are beautifully presented and are from a company that knows how to decorate their product.
The biscuit bases are of good quality, creamy and crunchy almost like shortbread. The caramel is full of flavour, a little chewy, but not enough to get stuck in your teeth! The chocolate just adds to the taste. Nice to look at, and nice to eat!


  1. They remind me of the 'Bisc & M&M' bars that you can get (or at least could get, unsure if they are still sold).

  2. I know this is an older post but I just found your blog and LOVE it. These remind me so much of the M&M Biscuit things as Crieff said... can I just ask you where you got these?? I want some!!!! I'm in the UK by the way :-D
    Thanks, Laura

  3. Glad you are enjoying the blog - I love writing it!

    These biscuits are available in Aldi by the way, and are well worth seeking out! :-)
    They even have their own facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=16315008597


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