24 November 2008

Fresher’s Spreadies -Marmite (Asda)

Fresher’s Spreadies -Marmite
How neat is this? It’s a snack pack with some cream crackers, a small pot of Marmite, some Laughing Cow cheese and a plastic spreader. (Fear not Marmite haters, this is also available with a mini pot of Branston’s pickle instead.)

I had a bit of a disappointment when I opened my pack, the crackers were broken.

I don’t just mean a bit broken, I mean they were in hundreds of pieces.

Had I been at work, it would have been more disappointing, but as I was at home I replaced them. All the ingredients are very nice, and it makes for a nice snack. I do hope my broken crackers were a one off, and that they are not the victim of poor packaging through the transportation process to the supermarket.


Katie said...

It is a nice idea but do you not think this is tonnes of packaging for what it is?

Anonymous said...

This is exactly the product that when you walk through the gate of hell the devil forces you to eat for a snack!


cinabar said...

Katie - true it is just extra packaging around items that are already available, there isn't anything actually 'new' in the contents. The packaging didn't even protect the item, the crackers were all broken.

Spectre - LOL! Marmite ain't that bad.

Katie said...

Marmite IS that bad