26 November 2008

Monster Munch vs Monster Munch - Flaming Hot Edition

Monster Munch - Flaming Hot Edition
Well it finally happened, I found the missing New/Old Monster Munch flavours I have been searching so hard for. They were located at “Pumpkin”, a chain of cafes found at train stations, including my local train station. It took a delayed train and me seeking coffee in order to find these crisps though! Can’t believe I had been walking past them ten times a week!

First Up – Flaming Hot

The same terminology as the previous review applies, to avoid confusion, the old big style Monster Munch is known as “Retro”, whereas the modern smaller multi-pack edition is known as “Small”.

Obviously, a taste experiment as important as this requires the legendary crisps expert “Spectre” to help out again.

I prepared a blind taste test, in which Spectre was faced with two approximately same size pieces of Monster Munch, one from the Retro edition, one from the Small edition. Impressively he identified which crisp was which without prompting, and laid forth his renowned opinion…

He preferred… Retro!!
I did too… the flavour was much fuller, and the crunch in the bigger chunks is perfect. Everyone agreed, a win for the Retro crisps!

Roast Beef to follow. Oh yes Monster Munch fans, Pumpkin stock ALL the flavours!

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