28 November 2008

Kettle Chips- Mature Cheddar and Red Onion (Waitrose)

Kettle Chips- Mature Cheddar and Red Onion

Let’s stop and think for a moment about all the amazing flavours that could be used to flavour crisps… for example Kettle’s previous tempting offering of Red Thai Curry.

Now let us put together two things which in the world of crisps shouldn’t be together “New” and the concept of “Cheese and Onion”, because that is effectively what this is! How can their new flavour be the rather simple idea of cheese and onion? I will put aside my disappoint in the choice of flavour, and tell you about the taste.

It is a well known notion that Cheese and Onion crisps work, and these are no exception. Lovely strong cheddar flavour and nice hint of onion, all combined on the usual good quality potato with the distinctive crunch of a Kettle chip. The idea may be simple, but it does work.

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