16 November 2008

The Hot Chocolate Idea

There was something in my post on, “The Quest for the Perfect Hot Chocolate” that gave me an idea… an idea that had the potential to change the way we drink hot chocolate forever…
Combine this with a “last day at work” (as I’m changing job), and behold the perfect moment to test out a crazy idea.
The phrase “Hot chocolate and cocoa drinks made with milk are mostly lovely” is what inspired me. Why can’t we make a hot chocolate drink, usually only made with milk, but use milk powder and hot water instead? Genius? We need an experiment to confirm!

Firstly we need an office full of eager hot chocolate drinkers, a tin of nice cocoa, a volunteer to help and then we offer to make a batch of drinks.

Monbana Hot Chocolate

We fill some cups with milk to be microwaved, and some with milk powder instead.

To the milk powder we add water from the kettle and whisk with a fork.

We then have a full set of mugs with hot milk, some from the microwave, some from milk powder and the kettle. Now all we have to do is add in some chocolate powder, and stir.

Ok, there was a small hitch with the ones made with milk powder... as milk bits were floating on the surface.

We scooped out the bits, so that the guinea pigs would never know about them, and we served the drinks.

We did not disclose whose drink had been made with hot milk and whose had milk powder, we merely asked the recipients to mark there drink out of ten… and we patiently awaited the results.

Darn… the real milk won out, but notably - only just!!!

On a more personal note, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone in the team (and the extended team!), I’m going to miss you all! Thanks for all my lovely prezzies, and reviews of them will follow here shortly too! ;-)

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