22 November 2008

Kinder Advent Calendar (Asda)

Kinder Advent Calendar

Christmas-is-a-coming!!! I know this because I have seen the Coca-Cola Christmas lorry making it's way through television ad breaks!!!

So, in order to prepare, stage one of Christmas is: Advent Calendars!!!

This year I have a rather funky Kinder Advent Calendar! This looks good to me as each day there is a proper individually wrapped Kinder chocolate, thus avoiding the dreaded cheap chocolate you sometimes get.

Obviously I haven’t tucked in to it yet, that would be silly, it’s only November. However, I will let you how I get on. I am rather looking forward to it. :-)


Funky Finds said...

Cool blog! You feature funky foods...and I feature funky 'finds.' :) Jessica

Anonymous said...

Kinder advent calender!?!?!
Pure genius, thanks for the heads up. ;-D

cinabar said...

Like you blog too Jessica! :-)

Crief - really excited by this advent calendar, not long to go before I try it!!!

cinabar said...

Oh dear - Spread - you made me lol! :-D