20 November 2008

Melting Mars Hot Chocolate (Sainsbury’s)

Melting Mars Hot Chocolate
Should this be included in “The Quest for the Perfect Instant Hot Chocolate”? It isn’t made with a kettle, which is the definition I would use to describe an instant, but on the other hand it is premixed, and just needs microwaving.
The paper cup simply microwaves for 60 seconds on full power, a quick stir and then another 30 seconds, it is simple enough. Except when I made it, I left it a little too long, and it boiled over in the microwave, which meant cleaning up sticky liquid chocolate!!! (I really do have the cookery skills of a peanut!) So in conclusion I will exclude it from the quest!

Once I had tidied up, I found the drink to be very pleasant, thick, sweet and chocolaty. Not sure that under a blind tasting I would have been able to identify it as being a Mars drink, but it was still very nice. The Mars Refuel milkshake drinks are distinctly Mar flavoured, they have the chocolate and caramel which are in this hot chocolate, but the milkshake also has a wheaty nougat flavour too, missing from the drink.
On a final note, concealed within the lid were two miniature Mars bars, which were a very nice touch!


Anonymous said...

i am now drinking one of these and am really disappointed. mine boiled over too and it gets this nasty skin on top like custard does. its ok but not great and its so expensive at the £1.69 i paid to make my purchase up to £5 to be able to pay card.

cinabar said...

Have you tried hot chocolate fudge frijj. It is the milkshake, but you heat it in the microwave. I love that, it has been my fave hot choc of winter, and they are 2 for £1 at tesco. Having said that, it still does get the skin, but it tastes yummy.