19 November 2008

Cocoa Deli – Chocolate Raspberries (Waitrose)

Cocoa Deli – Chocolate Raspberries

This is packaged in a very sweet box sealed with a bow from a piece of ribbon, and looks very luxurious. The packet contains raspberries coated in white chocolate, which does sound rather yummy. Curiously the ingredients list also included beetroot - madness, this must just be a natural food colouring. (The white chocolate is indeed speckled with pink / red dots).
The raspberries are freeze dried, which adds a curiosity to this item – it makes the chocolates crunchy! This is not a bad thing; it was just slightly unexpected when I first bit in. The sweetness of the white chocolate balances the sharper raspberry flavour and makes a lovely treat or ideal stocking filler.


Anonymous said...

Re mad combinations which taste better than they sound :

You may also like a semi-bitter choloate from Heileman (Germany) which contains a 25% raspberry filling with balsamic vinegar, citric acid and black carrot concentrate !?
Delicious !

cinabar said...

Will keep an eye out for it - sounds like it needs to be tried!