9 November 2008

Weight Watchers Mini Chocolate Cup Cakes (Waitrose)

Weight Watchers Mini Chocolate Cup Cakes
New products are ace, healthy new products are even more appealing! Add chocolate into the mix, and it should be win win win! Perhaps that concept is too good to be true?
I think the thing that hit me the most with these cup cakes is the calories, 86 per cup cake. That strikes me as not being particularly low given the size, they are very small!
In fact on further investigation they work out as 422 calories per 100g, and for comparison Cadbury’s (yummy) Chocolate cup cakes are 375 per 100g. Yes that’s right folks, they are higher in calories than full fat options on the market! Shocking!
They are okay to eat though, the sponge is moist and chocolaty, but the chocolate topping doesn't taste like it’s very good quality. Pleasant, but eating just one didn't fix my chocolate craving or fill a gap, and not as low calorie as you might have hoped!!!

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