21 November 2008

Lindt Hot Cassis [Blackcurrant] (Germany)

Lindt Hot Cassis [Blackcurrant]
This is another bar from the same range as the Lindt Hot Mango bar I wrote about a few days ago. I consider it a sister bar, but an ugly sister! For everything that was perfectly balanced about the Mango bar, doesn’t quite work with this one.
The positive thing is that the Lindt chocolate is the expected high quality. The blackcurrant filling though is sour, and not sweet like the mango. There is too much heat from the chilli, the cayenne in the Mango version has a good tang of heat, but this bar has a little too much burn! The flavours are over powering, and there is no balance. Shame, I was so looking forward to tucking into this.

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