27 November 2008

Guylian Belgium Chocolate Original Praline (Sainsbury’s)

Guylian Belgium Chocolate Original Praline

Do you ever have those moments when you quite fancy some luxury chocolate, but don’t quite feel right about buying a selection box of expensive chocolate just for yourself? I do, but I have found the perfect chocolate to purchase instead.

This is made by Guylian, famed for luxury Belgian chocolate sea shells full of praline, and sold in gift boxes. This bar consists of four rectangular chunks of their yummy milk chocolate, with a sea shell pattern on top incorporating a swirl of white chocolate in the design. This fine chocolate exterior encases Guylian’s yummy sweet nutty praline. The bar is essentially four of their sea shell Belgian chocolates presented in a bar. Heaven, a lovely treat to be enjoyed at anytime.

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Anonymous said...

I agree that this is excellent, but it also has a promise of something even better! Across the packaging it says 'milk' in 4 languages, inferring that there could be a dark version! Now that would be REALLY yummy!