9 December 2008

Reese's Nutragous (Sainsbury’s)

Did anyone spot the curiosity in the title of this item? Well, it’s an American import bar, but it’s not being sold by an import shop, or even a department store, it’s being sold in Sainsbury’s. It surprised me as it isn’t usually so easy to find Reese sweets and chocolate. I have previously found Reese's Pieces, and have tried a few other Reese's products, but Nutragous is new to me.

The bar itself consists of a generous portion of thick gooey chewy caramel, with whole peanuts pressed into it and then coated in milk chocolate. It is a very satisfying meaty bar that you really can get your teeth into. Thumbs up!


Katie said...

I'm addicted to these! Isn't that strange- I see these all over the place and have done for ages, but can never find the pieces.

cinabar said...

I know, they are really hard to find. Best bet is department stores. The Pieces are so good too!!! (I'm such a peanut butter fan!)

Stephanie said...

from an american import place, interesting! i have NEVER seen those here in Florida or New York where I'm from. sounds delish though!

cinabar said...

Really? Thats bizarre, I will have to buy another and double check the packaging!

It is quite hard to find Reese's here in the UK. :-( And I'm such a peanut butter fan too!