16 March 2014

Dorset cereals - raspberry porridge [review by @NLi10]

In a continuation from the previous porridge reviews I have managed to collect all the necessary ingredients (sachet & milk) and all the required equipment and utensils ( microwave, spoon, bowl - well I've used a mug, that's the same right?) so can try the sachet prodigies as afternoon work snacks.

Here we see the small portion you get in one sachet.  I'm aware of these oats and seeds cereals being much more filling than they look so I'm using exact measures.  Well as exact as 2/3 of a sachet of milk allows for.

This brings back memories of childhood eating of cereals directly from the bag in the box by pouring the milk in.  Only the Kellogg's selection box size packs allow for this, but it's still a nicely indulgent thing to let kids do and it reduces washing up.

I put the ingredients together and microwaved it for the required amount of time.  And this happened.

Oh dear. Mini volcano! What appears to have occurred is that the high, straight sides of the mug are not as conducive to heat removal as the slopey bowl they suggested.  I will have to find a microwave safe plastic bowl for work for future cooks.

At this mid point it looks more like porridge and does have a nice raspberry smell and a pleasing texture.  I mix and re microwave as directed.

Here is the finished brew, including a shot of the newly cleaned microwave so that any people I work with don't blame me for any communal mess.

While it took longer to sort out than suggested and created far more washing up than the previous bowl based 10K porridge, as mentioned at the time this was a lot cheaper. 

The flavour is not quite as strong and distinct as I'm used to with Dorset products, but it was still more than acceptable and was of a good size for a snack. I got a box with around 10 of these in so I'm pleased that it's really good. The fruit in it was noticeable and I liked the idea that some of the flakes were plain and some had flavour as this created a variety in between mouthfuls.

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