7 March 2014

Mars Chocolate Drink (Hot or Cold) [By @Cinabar]

Following on from the rather lovely Magic Stars hot chocolate that I wrote about the other week, there are other new drinks in the range too that I’m now able to try out. Unusually this one, based of the ever loved Mars bar, can be made hot or cold.
I decided to give it a try hot to start with as I am still going through a bit of a hot chocolate phase. I added 4 teaspoons to my mug and poured on cold milk, ready to be microwaved. I did notice that the granules looked a little bigger than I’d expected, not huge or anything, but not the usual fine powder. When I stirred it before its zapping, it dissolved easily, which makes sense as this could be used as a milkshake and drunk straight at this point.
I continued on and heated it, and it did make a lovely soothing drink. The flavour was quite creamy, and not quite as sweet as the Magic Stars version, but still chocolatey and pleasant. There was a subtle hint of malt in the flavour which I think gave it the distinctive Mars taste, recreating that soft nougat filling.
Obviously I also tried it out as a milkshake, which I think will be more ideal when the spring sunshine finally kicks in. It mixed well together, and the taste was the same as it was when it was hot. The only thing I noticed was that although it had appeared to mix in easily, when I left the drink for just 10minutes or so the bottom of the glass had a bit more of a build up of darkened milk and Mars granules and needed to be re-stirred.
Although I’d have the cold version of this drink when the weather is better, as I’m in my hot chocolate phase this is definitely a hot drink option for me. It's going on the shelf as my soothing drink of choice, and after the week I’ve had it has come in rather handy!
By Cinabar

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