23 March 2014

Get Fruity - Apricot, Orange & Ginger [Review by @NLi10]

I like fruit and I like cereal bars.  When people offer to send them to me though I do check that there are no raisin/sultana bulk outs going on.  The people behind Get Fruity assured me that their Apricot Orange & Ginger was raisin free but that they would include the other varieties in the package too - just in case.  Now that's confidence in your recipe!

The bar itself is mostly oats with the flavour of the fruit and the chunks making up the majority of the texture.  The oats are quite finely ground which is very unusual and may mean that people that are not fans of cereal bars could find themselves liking these, especially children.  Apricots are not my first choice of fruit as it can go horribly wrong, but here the tang of the orange and the strong flavour of the oats mean that it's a nice combination.  The flavour lingers afterwards in quite a refreshing way.  There is no refined sugar or artificial malarky going on in these either, which you really can't tell. It still has enough sweetness to feel like a treat and these are just small enough to fit into that category.

I wouldn't want to have to rely on these for energy during a long hike, but I'd still stash one in the backpack for a nice fruity hit.

Look how red it is!  I decided to risk the 'Moist Mixed Berry' flavour as everyone knows the red fruit is the best fruit, although this contains the dreaded raisins.   The flavour isn't overpowered by them which is nice, but you can tell they are there.  The rest of the flavours are similarly nice like the apricot bar, but there is less chewiness to the fruit.  This just provides a variety of experience so isn't a detrimental factor.

I think I preferred the apricot version, but this is probably due to my anti raisin bias.  I'm saving the final flavour, strawberry for another day, but I will be eating that and not giving it away as originally planned.  A good little range of treats that actually contain a lot of interesting flavours and surprised me.

Turns out that this is a relatively new company and they are just on sale locally at the moment but will be at the NEC food and drink expo 24th to 26th March.  You can find more at getfruitybar's website, but I'm totally sure that these will be picked up by one of the major stores and you'll be able to drop them in lunchboxes and work drawers pretty soon.

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