26 March 2014

Humdinger! Vibrant Veg Thai Style Sweet Chilli Edamame Beans (Waitrose) [By @SpectreUK]

I'm always on the lookout for interesting alternative snacks to nuts and crisps. These Vibrant Veg Thai Style Sweet Chilli Edamame Beans from Humdinger in Hull seemed to fit the bill. I've reviewed a few Wasabe Peas in my time to know that roasted veg can be quite crunchy so was expecting quite a crunch with these Soya beans. I noticed the main ingredients (asides the beans) were mustard and paprika, so was expecting a spicy burn, not as much as the nose hair singeing sensation of Wasabe Peas, but something at least to set my taste buds alight.

On opening the packet I was pleased at the spicy mustard and paprika smell from my initial sniff. I poured a few of the reddish green nuts out onto my lunch plate and popped a couple in my mouth. There was certainly a good crunch to these roasted Soya beans. No nose hair frying Wasabe burn here, but as mentioned none was expected. However there was a decent spice from the paprika mixed gingerly in with the fiery mustard. The beans didn't feel oily to the touch or palate. I couldn't help popping more and more beans into my mouth and soon had a burning tongue and runny nose, which didn't make me look too handsome whilst sat in the centre of the canteen at work. I wrapped up the packet and decided to have the other half with my lunch the next day. I'd recommend you give these lovely hot and very healthy feeling (see nutritional information below) roasted Soya beans a go, but don't forget the elastic band to save the rest of the packet, as they are not only hot but pretty filling!

Information on the packet;
110g packet per 100g is 472 calories, with 26.1g of fat and 45.1g of sugar. High in fibre, protein and minerals (potassium, phosphorus, iron and manganese). Ingredients included; Edamama Soya Beans (84%), flavouring (mustard and colour: paprika), sunflower oil.
By Spectre

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