8 March 2014

Zico Coconut Water - Chocolate (DegustaBox) [By @SpectreUK]

Zico sounds cool. If Zico was a person, he'd be the ultimate bad guy hitman gun-toting double Uzis in a Steven Seagal movie. Zico gives as good as he gets and only loses at the very end of the film when he runs out of bullets and karate chops. However in this case, Zico is a muddy coloured chocolate flavoured coconut water drink, which doesn't sound particularly cool, but I can assure you that it spent a good deal of time in the fridge before I could bring myself to open it! The bottle's label had tried to entice me on several occasions with its boasts of being "naturally delicious" and "made from hand-harvested fresh young coconuts", but it was this afternoon whilst recovering from a particularly rough chest infection that I really needed a chocolate pick-me-up without the calorific guilt after being sat around the house for several days coughing.

The bottle recommended that I "shake well", but I was a little worried that too much friction may spoil the coolness of the experience. On opening I could smell coconut and I could smell chocolate, which was a good start. I knew this wasn't a milk drink, but I couldn't help just knowing that I'd miss the creaminess that some chocolate milk drinks can give. Here there was an initial taste of chocolate followed by coconut, and then the flavour almost stopped, kind of falling short, because it was missing the creaminess that chocolate milk drinks have to offer, but having said there was a decent chocolate and coconut aftertaste. So if you want a hit of chocolate without the hit to your wasteline, this chocolate drink is naturally low in calories, high in potassium helping to maintain muscles, a source of magnesium, which reduces tiredness making this drink an excellent contender for energy drinks out there that force you to do more exercise afterwards to get over their sugar content. I must admit I liked Zico and would have it again, especially in the gym to keep me going and my fat tummy from expanding. I've even changed my view of Zico. Perhaps he's a little misunderstood? So if Zico was a character in a movie, he'd probably be a freedom fighter liberating mankind from fatty sugary drinks!

Information on the label;
400ml bottle with 80 calories, 14g of sugar and 0.8g of fat. Ingredients included; coconut water from concentrate, coconut cream, fat reduced cocoa, stabiliser; carrageenan, natural chocolate flavouring, other natural flavourings.
By Spectre

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