1 March 2014

Orange Barley Beer (@BatemansBrewery) [By @SpectreUK]

I am familiar with Batemans Brewery. I have drank their Victory Ale, Dark Lord, Triple XB, and Combined Harvest. All of which are excellent beers and ales. I haven't tried any of their flavoured beverages as I haven't seen them in the local stores. This may be a crime that I haven't yet judged. Batemans very kindly sent me four of their flavoured beers in the post. I decided immediately that the Mocha and the Mocha Amaretto would be saved for a later food fight. The Hazelnut Brownie would also wait for a blog of its own. I've been having a good run of orange beers lately, which always go well with fishy meals and spicy dishes. I begged for a fishy spicy dish to wash down with the Orange Barley beer and here are the results.

Cinabar and her Mom were preparing an Old El Paso Paella with scollops and prawns one evening mid week. We had a big packet of Doritos with a hint of lime and Snackrite Sour Cream and Chive dipping sauce to go with the mass of rice, spice and fishy bits. I popped open the Orange Barley beer with some excitement as I could smell the heavenly spices, scollops and prawns sizzling in the pan on the old cooker in the next room. There was an initial sweet orange citrusy smell, very zesty and fresh from the beer. I poured the brown beer into a glass and sat down eagerly waiting to be served. I had a sneaky sip of the beer for a starter. There was a sweet fresh zing of orange mixed with a barley taste followed by a rich, dark malty flavour, with an almost orange chocolate like finish. This beer complemented both the spices and fishy contents of the meal. Even going so far as complementing the lime in the Doritos. It was the perfect beer to wash down this spicy Paella as a delicate baked salmon and salad dish may not have held up to the stronger malty finish of the beer. What worries me is this beer is only available in July! Now that is a crime. It should be available all year round.

Information on the label;
Batemans Brewery, in Lincolnshire, established in 1874. 330ml bottle at 6.2% volume. Contains barley and oats. Serving suggestion; Serve in a large wine glass for maximum aroma (and if you want to look a little pretentious! LOL).
By Spectre

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Anonymous said...

I can confirm this review - just enjoyed a bottle of this brew - very nice indeed!