28 February 2014

New Dairy Milk Lu and Ritz Bars (Available Tesco @DairyMilk) [By @Cinabar]

Yay - more new Dairy Milk bars!! And these fab new ones come in a rather smart rectangle shape perfect for snacking and bridging the gap when you can’t decide if you fancy chocolate or biscuits. Both of these two new bars have eight small biscuits pressed into them, four at the front and four at the back. Lu is a sweet biscuit and the Ritz edition is salty.
If I’m totally honest, I couldn’t quite place the brand Lu. I know writing this blog should mean that I’m totally up to date with all things biscuity, but the logo was at best familiar to me. Perhaps it is more popular in Europe and we are seeing Kraft’s influence here. Ritz biscuits I know well, but I’m also aware of their more savoury background.

Dairy Milk Lu
The bar breaks neatly into four, along its seam lines, with each quarter then having two biscuits pressed into it front and back. I think the thing that surprised me was just how much chocolate was involved. When I bit in although I could pick up on the buttery sweet biscuit the main flavour was good old Dairy Milk along with a pleasant crunch. It is something a bit different, with a very enjoyable texture, and a nice hint of biscuit. This Dairy Milk Lu is a nice bar and something I’d pick up again, perfect for the long afternoons at work.

Dairy Milk Ritz
This bar was the same shape and design at the Lu bar, and once unwrapped would be hard to tell apart based on appearance. In flavour though, it is easy to spot the difference. These biscuits are quite salty and that mixed with the chocolate makes the bar come alive. It is just a tingle, but that clever twist of sweet and salty works like magic. The texture is fab too, the crunch is lovely, and the thick chocolate melts perfectly as you munch.

It will be no surprise that with my love of the mix of sweet and savoury the Ritz bar was my favourite of the two bars. Both bars are innovative and attractive. I think the look of the biscuit topped chocolate bars are rather novel, and do stand out as being something a bit different. There is more chocolate than biscuit in the ratios, but there was still enough of a of crunch to make them enjoyable. It is one of the chocolates that are spot on with an afternoon coffee, it just seems to be the perfect afternoon pick me up. Have you tried the news bars yet? Which did you prefer?
By Cinabar


Georgina said...

I liked them both but the Ritz ones had the edge for me! Loved the sweet/salty combination

paulham said...

50p "special" in Tesco at the moment.
I saw them at 76p (rrp?) in a petrol station!

They won't last at these prices.

Rach said...

I tried Ritz one in the week am now hooked!