9 February 2014

Heinz Black Label - Cream of Chicken Soup with Aromatic Thai Spices [review by @NLi10]

I'm a big fan of Heinz Cream of Chicken soup so when I spotted this combo with Thai spices added as part of a new Black Label range in it went straight in the trolly. I don't eat much soup these days but as mentioned I got soup bowls for Christmas so am making an effort to rediscover this food group.  I must remember that it only fits HALF a can of soup without getting messy.

The soup itself looks like the regular version but as soon as you lift the lid it smells incredibly Thai.  There are all the usual spices and it's got a hint of both Tom Yum and yellow curry to it - and it packs a good little kick which fades quickly to leave the aromatic flavours behind.  All of this is balanced on top of the Heinz Chicken flavour I've been loving since being a tiny person back when we had to heat these on the hob due to not having microwaves.

This better not be a limited edition.  I know there is a full range to try, but after the (Heinz) Mulligatawny soup sparked my newfound love of spicy soups this replaces the standard Cream of Chicken in the cupboard as the emergency lunch tin of choice.  Of the remaining flavours two are spicy tomato (Mexican Spices or Chilli) which I may get around to, and the fourth contains mushrooms so will be avoided at all costs.

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