6 February 2014

Sable Coco - complementary biscuits [Review by @NLi10]

Often in a hotel you will get a kettle, some tea bags, and maybe a complementary bottle of water or some biscuits. In Marrakech we got these branded biscuits - which i'd spotted while out and about for sale in cafes.  I thought this was quite generous and savoured these one rainy evening in.

I'm presuming from the packaging that these are more French than Arabic.

Their designs seem certainly seem fairly Eurocentric, but the geometric swirls certainly match the aesthetic seen in the designs around town.  The biscuits are fairly standard it turns out, coconut in flavour but no real shreds to chew on.  Very nice, and good with tea. I liked the feel of the pattern too, a good deep design always makes the biscuit more appealing.

Not something you'd rush to bring home, but certainly something of quality - perfect to leave out for guests.

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