10 February 2014

Thorntons Scrumptious Chocolate Cupcakes (@Thorntonschocs) [By @Cinabar]

I thought I’d have a glance in Thorntons over the weekend, to see what goodies were appearing on the post Christmas shelves. I noticed their bars of chocolate have had a bit of a packaging makeover, and that there was an awful lot of pink about the place, in preparation for Valentines! That is next friday by the way, in case you need to nip out to pick up a card/flowers! ;-)
In amongst the pink items were these Scrumptious Chocolate Cupcakes which caught my eye. They are just so sweet looking and neatly packaged, complete with a bow on top, I believe the phrase ‘super cute’ may well be in order!
The box contains nine mini cupcakes, and there are three varieties. Firstly though in terms of them being cupcakes they don’t contain any sponge at all, there are entirely chocolates, albeit made to look like cupcakes. Even the little cupcake cases are just the chocolate shell for a truffle filling! The cupcakes had sweet names too - there were:

Ravishing Raspberry Cupcake
This one had a milk chocolate case filled with duel layers inside, a zingy raspberry flavour and a creamy raspberry topping with pink flakes. There was loads of berry flavour, and the chocolate was sweet and fresh and absolute pleasure to eat. Like a really good raspberry cream.

Velvety Vanilla Cupcake
Like the other chocolates this one also had two layers inside the milk chocolate shell, first was a creme brulee base, topped with vanilla cream flecked with real vanilla seed. It was a seriously indulgent flavour with a silky smooth texture. Sugary and creamy, sort of a sweetness overload, but it a good way! ;-)

Death By Chocolate Cupcake
This one is the rich one in the set. It has a dark chocolate filling topped with a strong cocoa cream topping, which is sprinkled with toffee pieces. It is an intense truffle, with loads of cocoa and flavour. The toffee bits on top look pretty and add that extra bit of sweetness to the mix, as does the milk chocolate case.

I love the novelty of these chocolates and I think the packaging is beautiful They are a cute box set, but manage to keep the quality there too. It is a nice selection of flavours, and each one did its job perfectly! I do hope Thorntons releases a few more items like this, as they seem so different to the classic chocolates I associate with them, and variety is the spice of life.
By Cinabar


Kevs Snack Reviews said...

How much were they?

Something to look forward to said...

I've eyed these up on their website before - I'm glad to see they're as good as they look!

Charlie said...

However much they are its a bargain price. Truly yummy.

cinabar said...

I'm not sure what price they were individually but they were on a two for £10 offer.