3 February 2014

Special K - Multi-Grain Porridge (Tesco) [By @cinabar]

I’m off out to the theatre tonight to see Priscilla Queen of the Desert. I love going to the theatre but have to say it does mess a little with the timer in my tummy, I like to eat at specific times (a little like Pavlov’s dog) and the idea of eating after the show does not work well for me. By the interval I feel starved and am usually moaning that I want to buy chocolate/crisps but shouldn’t because we are going to eat later. To combat this I decide to have a look in our local mini branch of Tesco for a filling, but not too calorific, pre-theatre snack.
I was having a wonder round and found myself in the cereals isle, and the new porridge from Special K caught my eye. I’ve been meaning to try it for ages. There was a berry flavoured version, and a plain, but the honey and almond was the pot that went in the basket. Not caring about porridge being officially a breakfast food I set to having my pre evening out snack. It is quick to make, you just add hot water, stir, wait 3 minutes and eat. There is a line on the inside for the water mark, but it does suggest adding more water if you like a runny porridge. I followed the instructions, and there was a lovely aroma when the water hit the oats. It was sweet and nutty, and reminded me of nougat.
The porridge thickened up nicely after the allotted time, but was still quite hot to eat, I found myself adding a drop of cold water to cool it down and to make it a little thinner, but that is just my preference. I found that the slivers of almond added a nice nutty taste, without any trace of marzipan. The texture from them was nice too, it just mixed things up a bit. The main flavour was that of the honey, which was very much present, but it still wasn’t over sweet. I could still pick up on the nice flavour from the oats, so the tastes were all well balanced and the porridge pot seemed rather satisfying.
Certainly in terms of it being a tasty snack, and I’m sure a good breakfast food too, it hits the spot. The question is how hungry will I feel after the show? I’ll have to update that with a comment later!
Info from the back of pot: 195 calories per pot, 2.5g fat and 13g sugars.
By Cinabar

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